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Our cumulative milestones – 2016


As 2016 draws to an end, the Donald Woods Foundation has some reached some impressive milestones. These include:

Health in Every Hut (HiEH) in Mbashe and the King Sabata Dalindyebo districts

Screening in all HiEH areas – Hobeni, Bomvana, Melitafa, Madwaleni, Nkanya, Soga, Xhora A and Xhora B was completed this year, bringing the total number of people screened to 53,444 in 9,309 households. This represents 80% of the total recorded population of our programme area. We believe this is an exceptional achievement in a region where many are absent seeking work in the towns and cities elsewhere.

Since January 2015, DWF have conducted 87,396 follow-up visits for previously referred clients for all conditions.

In our clinic support programme, staff made 37 visits to 10 clinics providing crucial mentoring, administrative support, data management support and health education to patients in partnership with the Eastern Cape Department of Health (DoH). The team also assisted DoH staff with twice-weekly clinical outreach sessions, which reached 3,447 clients in 12 remote areas in the last quarter of 2016. Of these, 2,361 patients were seen by DWF nursing staff. New activities introduced this year include under-5 clinics in Mabholobela and Ngqatyana areas targeting children in need by measuring the Mid-Upper-Arm-Circumference for early detection of malnutrition.

Community Health Education programme

Twenty four staff have been retrained specifically as Community Health Education Workers (CHEWS) to provide community-based health education at community events, CHOW visits and clinic outreach days. They have reached 14,453 people during this quarter with health messages on hypertension, diabetes, TB and HIV, as well as nutrition, immunisation and the correct way to take chronic medication.

The Khwezela Schools Programme consisting of drama, school summits, Saturday Clubs will be taken up early in 2017. Meanwhile, a schools sexual reproductive health education programme has been launched at three local schools following the identification of a huge need in this area by DWF.

Community HiEH committees have been revived, with seven meetings having taken place in which DWF staff facilitate the identification of health and social needs and challenges with communities.

Lastly, DWF is mobilising stakeholders towards the development of a referral network for victims of gender-based violence.

HIV-TB programme at Zithulele

The cumulative project total people tested for HIV was 110,583 while 110,271 people were screened for TB.

The MDR-TB programme in the greater Buffalo City (East London) area

Building awareness is a key component of the programme. 65 patients completed the new 8-week TB/Drug-Resistant TB education programme for hospital in-patients. As at the end of this quarter, 6,965 people attended clinic awareness sessions, 2,162 in schools, 447 at taxi ranks and 597 in prisons. Community talks and door-to-door campaigns have continued.

18 support group meetings were held for hospital patients (105 attendees) and 10 for prisoners (347 attendees). All 56 families of new TB hospital patients were visited and screened. 100% (34 families) of patients at down-referral points has received one home visit during their relative’s hospital stay, providing important support and education to families of people with TB.

On patient tracking, patients down-referred to DWF-supported clinics were followed-up weekly to support adherence during 529 follow-up visits. DWF also assisted with tracing patients from non-DWF-supported clinics who had missed hospital reviews. The new call centre initiated by DWF earlier this year is fully operational and continues to provide vital communication with all patients.

We would like to thank and honour all DWF staff for their hard work, dedication and professionalism in 2016.

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