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youtube music497

YouTube Music is an online music video streaming service launched by YouTube, a division of Google. It offers a more refined and customized interface for the service oriented for music video streaming, which allows users to browse through music videos and songs on YouTube according to genres, playlists, and user-specific recommendations. On top of this, it also lets users download directly from YouTube instead of going through the iTunes store.

The most important thing to consider before signing up for this service is what kind of music interests you. If your main interests lie in hip hop, pop, jazz, R&B or other non-traditional genres, YouTube Music Premium is not for you. Even if you find the specialized playlists useful and convenient, you will still have a hard time turning your chosen music videos into actual results. For the best experience, take note that the free version of YouTube Music only features advertising supported by AdWords. For the best value, check out the paid version which offers both a support and a wide variety of song choices.

The part of YouTube Music may be a bother especially for those who have zeroed in on their music videos’ genre. However, the search engine optimization tool of YouTube Music Premium makes it easy to turn results of queries such as ‘what are the top ten songs of 2021’, ‘the greatest pop songs of all time’ or ‘the greatest r&b songs of all time’ into fast and relevant information by simply searching keywords and matching them with matching audio files. AdWords can get frustrating at times especially when looking at huge lists of potential results or when attempting to conduct a more detailed research. However, the pay-per-download option of YouTube Music Premium solves this problem by allowing users access to a large library of song options at no cost while still offering ad-supported free service.