How you can get involved

More and more people are telling us that they would like to be part of the difference that the Foundation is making

Tell people about us

Spread the word about the Donald Woods Foundation’s programme works and events. Tell people to visit our website and encourage them to get involved. If your workplace, school or college does not already support a charity, consider nominating DWF. You can also “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Raise money for us

Many people have chosen to raise funds for us by running races, holding sales, staging benefit concerts and setting themselves personal challenges for sponsorship. If you have an idea for some fund-raising that you would like to undertake, please Contact Us as we will be delighted to help in any way we can.

Donate your time or expertise

If you have a skill you and would like to help us – please consider donating some time, even if it is just a few hours. It could be anything from assisting with publications, to legal expertise. Donations of this kind can make an extraordinary difference and mean we can spend more of the money we raise on those who need it most.

Donate books

We’re collecting good quality, second-hand children’s books, textbooks and books on Xhosa culture and history, in English and isiXhosa, as well as isiXhosa-language books of any description.The books will be made available to thousands of under-resourced learners in our Children’s Library and Homework Club.

Donate something else

If you have something you think the Foundation could use in its programme work in health and education, we would love to hear your idea.

Become a Foundation Member

If you would like to give a regular donation, no matter how small, you can become a Foundation Member, and receive invitations to events as well as regular updates on our programme work.

We appreciate every donation - no matter how small

We work very hard to make sure your money goes to the people who need it most.