Maternal and child health

The majority of households in the Mbashe area are female-headed households.
There are high levels of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in the Foundation project areas.

Identifying children who may need help

“The DWF’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programme is now reaching more children in need than ever”

Our health teams are trained to consider the needs of the whole family when somebody tests positive for HIV or other serious illness. We also find vulnerable children through our Schools Programme and other initiatives. Thousands of children have been identified as in need of support and are now receiving help.

When a child is referred to our OVC team, our approach is to make a full assessment of need, considering every aspect of care – from financial support, to education, to health and emotional needs.

How we help

DWF-2013-TEAMS-AT-WORK_-74Our OVC teams assists children and their carers to access social grants and care as it can take years for applications for foster care and social grants to be approved. The process usually involves many long journeys to regional social services offices and to court. Our teams are trained to support vulnerable children through this process and arranges transport to accompany them to meetings with social service authorities.

DWF-2013-TEAMS-AT-WORK_-55We address all aspects of children’s care, from interim grants for school uniforms to health care, education support, succession planning and therapeutic interventions.

DSC02717DWF has trained dozens of members of the local community as OVC supporters so that children can receive regular home visits and monitored no matter how remote their home. Local Traditional leaders have helped establish our networks and have nominated trainees, enabling the Foundation to extend our reach.

DWF SCHOOLSChildren attending our OVC clinics benefit from stimulating play while OVC supporters visiting children in their homes also help with homework and encourage family members or neighbours to get involved. Importantly, we also assist children who have dropped out of school to re-engage and find learning support for those with special needs. The majority of children in our OVC programme pass their exams, despite the challenges they face at home.

I do it because it makes me feel good in my heart. Some social workers are too far to help the community. I know the neighbours better than the social workers, so I can really help

OVC supporter