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Our cumulative milestones

The Donald Woods Foundation (DWF) has achieved notable milestones in its area of operations making a significant difference to the health and well-being of thousands of people. These include:

  1. Reducing by half, admission to hospital for hypertension / stroke through DWF’s primary healthcare intervention by means of early screening and referral at homestead level, combined with DWF’s clinic support.
  2. Constructing 15 clinics – averaging 150 square metres each.
  3. The installation of over 1 million litres of water tanks and tank stands for rainwater-harvesting in schools, clinics and a training centre.
  4. DWF has assisted 158 local farmers through a pilot inoculation, dipping and branding project that included 75,000 animals, of which 8,363 are cattle, 40,000 sheep and 25,000 goats in order to promote livestock health, fertility, productivity and income generation. This not only provided an essential service to isolated farmers but also importantly imparted much-needed livestock extension solutions to common problems.
  5. Mapping, walking to and screening every single person in every single hut for 53,444 people over 1,000 square kms in a deeply rural area of the Eastern Cape, covering HIV, TB, hypertension, diabetes, dementia, maternal and child health.
  6. Screening over 250,000 people for TB.
  7. Carrying out over 250,000 HIV tests.
  8. Achieving a long-term adherence rate in HIV of 93.6% (double the national rural average), thereby delivering the most successful, rural, integrated HIV programme in South Africa.
  9. The construction of a $3 million project base and training centre with accommodation for 50 people, a Lecture Theatre, Library and Archive, a Children’s Library, 4 Training Rooms, 4 Heritage Huts (85 sq metres each), a 250 kva generator for power back-up, and a training annex in Cwebe Forest.

We would like to thank and honour all DWF staff for their hard work, dedication and professionalism.

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